Wills, Inheritance and Probate Mediation

Ideally mediation should be used in any dispute involving wills, inheritance or probate. Engaging a mediator to help to find a resolution can help to avoid splits that everyone will regret in the long term.

Communication between siblings, elders and in-laws will be assisted by a mediator who can keep the parties focused on the issues. Issues that need to be dealt with will be identified, particularly where needs are ongoing, and then movement towards a solution that suits all parties can then emerge and be facilitated with areas of responsibility being identified.

Real fears around financial limitations, nursing home or medical care costs for the person or couple passing on the business or farm on the one hand; or on the other, the viability of the business for whomsoever might be taking over have to be addressed. Issues like the health of the successor or the possibility or their marriage ending in divorce also raise real fears.

These issues can be avoided and raised in the safe environment provided by Mediate NI. Potential future problems can be discussed in a safe and secure setting. The interests of all the parties, looking forward, will dominate the process.

Involving Mediate NI

- dramatically speeds up the process of settling a dispute;

- provides a better and more effective outcome that makes sense to the parties;

- leads to greater harmony in the family;

- ultimately reduces the cost of the whole process;

Community and Neighbour Mediation

When you have a dispute with a neighbour or in the community, it can be tempting to hope that someone else will sort it out for you. Turning to an official agency, such as the PSNI, may lead to a lengthy process and sometimes this may not result in the best outcome for you.

Mediate NI believes that you, your neighbour and community are the best people to find a way forward. Mediation is one way to achieve this outcome.

What can you expect?

Initially, we will arrange a private meeting with you, at home or in our offices at a time that suits you. They will ask for your perspective on the situation and how you would like things to be between you and another party. Our mediators will also meet with your neighbour or community for the same purpose.

After these initial private meetings, the mediators will help all the parties to decide how you all want to continue. You can do this in one of two ways - either indirectly or directly.

Indirectly - mediators can carry messages between neighbours and community members.

Directly - mediators may smooth the way for a face-to-face meeting among neighbours and/ or community.

Our mediators can:

- Help you consider your options;

- Listen to all parties;

- Help all parties to understand each others concerns;

- Help you explore possible solutions;

- Help you determine whether these solutions are realistic.

Our mediators will not:

- Take sides;

- Decide or tell you what you should do;

- Violate your privacy or break confidentiality unless they hear threats to harm someone;

- Mediate situations where serious violence is likely.
Sports Mediation

Mediation provides a confidential, structured and effective process that may avoid the significant costs of tribunals and courts. Eligibility rules, performance enhancing drugs, selection criteria, commercial complexities and contractual difficulties are among the bewildering array of disputes faced by sport governing bodies, organisations, clubs, sportsmen and women.

Mediate NI provide professional mediators who will bring disputes to resolution in a quicker, more efficient and cost effective manner. Resources are scarce for all sports bodies. Contesting, even being represented at, a formal court hearing is an expensive drain on those resources.
Most sports operate on a seasonal basis. Pending litigation can seriously affect financial stability and disrupt the nature of a season and the outcome of competitions.

The adversarial and public nature of the ordinary courts system often aggravates situations hugely leading to demoralised players and officials. The recent increase in sports litigation is worrying in that it possibly reflects a fundamental lack of trust by participants in the ability of their governing organisations to deal with appeals in a fair, transparent and efficient manner.

All of these difficulties can be addressed at an early stage in mediation where matters can be aired and resolved in an open transparent way through the impartiality and assistance of Mediate NI in assisting the parties to come to outcomes acceptable to all sides.

Involving Mediate NI: -

- dramatically speeds up the process of settling a dispute;

- provides a better and more effective outcome that makes sense to the parties;

- leads to greater harmony in the workplace;

- ultimately reduces the cost of the whole process;



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