Mediation provides a confidential, structured and effective process that may avoid the significant costs of employment tribunals and courts. Mediate NI provide professional mediators who will bring disputes to resolution in a quicker, more efficient and cost effective manner.

Because of the confidential nature of mediation it is particularly suited to resolving conflict arising from, bullying, harassment, restructuring, redundancy and misinterpretation of employment rights and contracts. Mediation provides confidence and certainty to parties in that they structure their own resolution which could also assist if the issues ever arise again.

If the relationship has broken down beyond repair, benefits can be obtained by agreement which cannot be ordered by courts or tribunals, such as agreed references, effective covenants about workplace information and individuals and secrecy.

The benefits of workplace and employment mediation are: -

- Success in approximately 80% of disputes mediated;

- 70% quicker than litigation;

- at least 30% cheaper than pursuing a case through employment tribunals or courts;

- totally confidential and “without prejudice”

- a safe, neutral and non-threatening environment in which to discuss issues;

- completely Impartial;

- an organised and constructive process;

- non judgemental and non adversarial;

- a process leading to longer lasting agreement;

Where difficulties arise between workers employers often feel that their only choice lies between disciplining or removing an individual. Personality clashes can be avoided or managed if an environment for resolving disputes or differences without commencing formal procedures is in place.

Mediation is beneficial from all perspectives. Mediation practices and skills will keep focus on the issues and, more particularly, on means of resolving them that are acceptable to all parties.

The value of mediation is recognised by the Equality Tribunal and the Labour Relations Commission. Early mediation can produce resolution even before cases get to that stage.

Involving Mediate NI

- dramatically speeds up the process of settling a dispute;

- provides a better and more effective outcome that makes sense to the parties;

- leads to greater harmony in the workplace;

- ultimately reduces the cost of the whole process;

Mediate NI provides a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION SERVICE with one of our case managers to discuss the suitability of your dispute for mediation. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about mediation.

To avail of this consultation offer please call 02871365636 or click this link to make an enquiry.
This service is provided by phone and lasts a maximum of a 15 mins.

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