Any type of dispute or conflict between companies, sole traders or individuals is ideal for commercial mediation. Disputes can be mediated even if litigation has commenced. Mediate NI provides ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services and mediators nationwide and at any time to deal with any issues that can arise, including: -

- performance of contracts and sub contracts;      

- non payment for goods or services;

- supply of defective goods or services;

- building construction disputes;

- banking and financial disputes;

- intellectual property disputes;

- shareholder, partnership or company disputes;

- property and boundary disputes;

- family business disputes;

- personal injury;

Mediation and ADR as an alternative to litigation has been embraced both nationally and internationally. A 2010 survey comparing the costs and time saving of mediation/ ADR as opposed to litigation in Ireland and the EU concluded in EU the cost of litigation per €200,000.00 of claim was €25,337.00; in Ireland the cost of litigation per €200,000.00 of claim was €53,800.00; in Ireland - cost of mediation per €200,000.00 of claim was €7,000.00! The time taken to litigate a €200,000.00 claim in Ireland was 515 days whilst the time taken to mediate a €200,000.00 claim in Ireland was 40 days!

Commercial mediation is a rapidly growing alternative. Commercial court (Ireland) statistics indicate that between 2005 and 2008 where the parties voluntarily agreed to mediate their disputes after commencing proceedings in the court, 63% of those cases settled following mediation. Since 1 January 2010 parties involved in litigation can now be instructed by the court to use mediation to try and resolve the dispute, prior to proceeding with the case in court. Mediation and ADR is utilised frequently in Northern Ireland and UK also.

The Mediation Process is: -

- successful in approximately 80% of disputes mediated;

- up to 70% quicker and 30% cheaper than litigation;

- totally confidential and “without prejudice”

- a safe, neutral and non-threatening environment in which to discuss issues;

- completely impartial;- non judgemental and non adversarial;

Involving Mediate NI will: -

- significantly speed up the process of settling a dispute;

- provide a better and more effective outcome;

- dramatically reduce the cost of the whole process;

- increase the likelihood of both parties doing mutually beneficial business together in the future.

Mediate NI provides a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION SERVICE with one of our case managers to discuss the suitability of your dispute for mediation. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about mediation.

To avail of this consultation offer please call 02871365636 or click this link to make an enquiry.
This service is provided by phone and lasts a maximum of a 1/2 hour.




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